If you are in need of someone to talk to, our team of trained listeners are here for you. At New Horizons you can share your feelings with people who understand your grief. Get in touch to find out about our next meeting.

Who We Are

We are trained listeners not professional counsellors.
We are ordinary people who have all suffered the loss of a loved one.
We are befrienders who come alongside the grieving to give support.

Skegness bereavement

Our Values

Space to talk
Hope for the future

Skegness bereavement

It was lovely to meet people who completely understood what I was going through. The atmosphere is very welcoming and I can't wait until the next event!

Skegness bereavement
Skegness bereavement
Skegness bereavement
Skegness bereavement
Skegness bereavement

If you have suffered bereavement and feel you need someone to talk to in strict confidence, then this Skegness bereavement group could be for you.

Come along to the meeting at St. Clements Community Hall, Church Road North, Skegness. Please check date before coming.

You can chat to people who will offer support and comfort. Feel free to bring a friend.


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